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Building Fortunes Affiliate Program.

Welcome to the Building Fortunes Affiliate site.

Why the name Building Fortunes? That's what we do. We help people build fortunes, those that are willing to do the activities necessary to do so.

In 1998, Peter Mingils founded a lead generation company.

He started the business, as many entrepreneurs do, from scratch.

You may be able to relate to his story, as yours may follow similar routes depending on where in life you start your journey with Building Fortunes.

First, there was him. That's it, just Peter. Inside him was and still remains the burning desire to provide for his family and others.

Next, there was phone in a garage on top of a home made wooden work bench. There was no need for a chair, as the work bench was designed to stand in front of it.

Peter joined a network marketing company and knew that the speed and the success he would have would be in proportion to the number and the quality of the people he approached.

Therefore, he worked on developing a lead generation and training mechanism to help build his network marketing company. As the temperature rose in the garage-office and the need for automation grew, he moved into the back bedroom of his home with a computer on a desk.

When the network marketing company changed direction, Peter was at a cross road at what to do next. He decided to help others in many companies build their businesses. This was the start of PM Marketing-NetworkLeads.

Developing the Building Fortunes Affiliates program is the next step for Peter to help others succeed in a home based business.

If this fits for you, please join us.

Get back to the person that introduced the Building Fortunes Affiliate Program.





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